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We appreciate your business! We also know that you work very hard for your money! The following are information on how to protect your investment(s):
*Our pearls are genuine cultured pearls; as a result they will have natural imperfections caused during natural development of your pearl inside the oyester.
*We recommend that that you keep your pearls from dust, dirt, cosmetics and perspiration.
*Avoid physical activities with your jewelry and remove jewelry before showering; this is damaging to the pearl because of chemicals in soaps. 
*Clean gently with a damp soft cloth to remove harmful chemicals.
*A note on our Chocolate and Pistachio Tahitians. Majority of the Chocolate & Pistachio Tahitian pearls sold today on the market are Tahitian pearls that have been color treated. Although oyesters do produce these colors naturally; they are rare and especially with deeper tones. Our chocolates and pistachio pearls are natural Tahitian pearls that are shipped to Japan for a 4 month color treatment. 
We do not recommend everyday use; the oils on your body can be harmful to the surface. Discoloration may happen; we are not responsible when this happens.
What is gold filled? Gold filled materials are an excellent alternative to solid gold at a fraction of the cost. Our gold filled metals are made in the USA and is regulated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). We use "14/20" gold filled; the first number is karat purity (14k) and the second number represents "1/20th" of the total weight of the material. It is way more superior than "plated gold" materials.
How to care for gold filled jewelry?  Avoid any body of water and follow above recommendations as well. Store in a dry area. 
Our pearl strands are individualy knotted with silk thread; this prevents the pearls from rubbing off on each other. Perspiration and cosmetics are likely to seep into the silk thread which will weaken and stretch it; we recommend that you have your beautilful strand re-strung once a year.
We charge $50 for a bracelet and $80 for a necklace up to 20 inches. Email us for this service.  
Our pearls are graded based on the pearl's shape, luster, and surface cleanliness. We use the A-AAAA grading system.
AAAA (TOP QUALITY): Representing the top 1-2% of a pearl harvest. It has very minor to no blemishes (95% of surface is clean. Its luster (glow/shine), is exquisite (very high) and shape is round. These pearls are rare and expensive.
AAA: Representing the top 10% of a pearl harvest. It has minor blemishes (90% of surface is clean). Its luster is high and pearl shape is near round to round.
AA: Representing the top 20% of a pearl harvest. Its surface has minor to medium blemishes (70-80% clean surface). Its luster is medium and shape if off round.
A: Representing the bottom 60% of a pearl harvest. Its surface has heavy blemishes (50% or less clean surface). Its luster is poor and shape off round.
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