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Our Story

Mahalo for visiting Vero Pearls, formerly Tahitian Pearls By Vero.  My name is Veronica "Vero" Autrata. Our story began more than

33 years ago when my husband, Erhard lived during the summer months on the atoll of Takaroa (his grandparent's homeland) in

French Polynesia. Erhard remembered working long hours on the family pearl farm. His job usually consisted of cleaning 

oysters.  He said that his job was important for the wellbeing of the oysters. When he was 10 years old he moved to live with

his dad in Hawai'i. He missed spending time with his grandpa and uncles at the farm.


In 2000 we  met in college, I never knew where Tahiti was but in 2003 I made my first trip there. I fell in love with the island, the 

people and Tahitian pearls. My husband's family gifted me a beautilful Tahitian pearl strand, bracelet and studs that I still wear

and enjoy today. My first set look just a vibrant and colorful as it did in 2003. Coming from El Salvador and living most of my life

on the west coast; I had never heard of or seen Tahitian pearls.

Fast forward to 2016, my husband returned from grandma's funeral in Tahiti and upon his return gifted me and our 5 daughters

Tahitian pearl jewelry. Some of the jewelry did not fit our daughters so I posted them on Facebook and it sold fast. That was the

start of our small business, I began doing research and watched countless hours of "how to videos" on making jewelry. We purchase

our pearls directly from local farms in Tahiti as well as established wholesalers in the pearl industry.


Today our daughters are involved in many different aspects of the business. Vero Pearls is a family owned and operated small business based out of Hilo, Hawai’i.  Follow us on Instagram so you won’t miss any posts or one of her pop ups. Let us know if we can customize a one of a kind Pearl jewelry for you or your loved ones. 

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